Detroit Teachers Contract

2022-10-12 av Fredrik Collin.

Detroit Teachers Contract: What You Need to Know

After years of negotiations and protests, the Detroit Teachers Union finally reached a contract agreement with the city`s school district in May 2019. The contract, which covers the years 2017-2020, provides teachers with much-needed raises and other benefits, as well as addresses ongoing issues within the district.

Here are the key details of the Detroit Teachers Contract:

Salary Increases

Under the new contract, all teachers will receive a 3% raise in their base salary in the first year, followed by a 2.5% raise in the second year and a 2.5% raise in the third year. Additionally, there will be a one-time bonus payment of $1,373 for all teachers, which will be paid in the first year.

Healthcare Benefits

The contract also includes improved healthcare benefits for teachers and their families. The district will increase its contribution to health insurance premiums by $50 per month, which will be retroactive for the first year of the contract.

Professional Development

To enhance teacher training and retention, the contract includes a provision for professional development opportunities. Teachers will have access to a $500 annual stipend for career development courses and materials.

Classroom Conditions

The contract addresses concerns about classroom conditions by providing support for teachers and students. The district will hire additional social workers, counselors, and nurses to better support students` social and emotional needs. Additionally, teachers will be given more time to prepare and plan their lessons and will have more autonomy in their classroom management.


The Detroit Teachers Contract is a significant step forward for both teachers and students in the city`s school district. The agreement addresses long-standing issues around salaries, benefits, and classroom conditions, while also providing support for professional development. While there is still much work to be done to improve education in Detroit, this contract represents a positive step forward towards ensuring that teachers and students have the resources they need to succeed.